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I have been making pottery for almost 40 years.  During this time, I, as is true for

everyone, have had to contemplate life's changes.  Certainly, my thoughts today are

different from when I was a potter in my 20's.  Over the last several years, I have

developed some forms that I feel are special.  They are strong shapes with a touch

of elegance.  They speak to me of reverence.  As such, I offer them as a testament to

the memory of loved ones.




          Footed Urn - 13"       $500      Rust/Temmoku                     
                              Footed Urn - 10"        $300          Rust                Footed Urn - 9"        $225        Temmoku/Celadon
                                Altered Jar - 9"      $100           Rust                      Altered Jar - 9"        $100      Temmoku/Celadon